Canna Carers Educational Programs

Agricultural Development from all ages


 Learn Growth Techniques

Germinating seeds 

             (How to germinate successfully and maintain young growth)

    Watering & Lighting Schedules

               (Keeping a strict lighting & watering schedule is important)


                 (When to trim your plants for maxium growth)


                   (When to top your plants to spread nutrients)


                     (Defoliating your plants is crucial for maxium growth & yields)


            All Ages Welcome

            Children of all ages are welcome to come and learn a growing experiance.
            As Little Maia says "We are making the trees happy, daddy".
            Educating the youth in Agricultural education is a vast resource to South Africa, especially with the rates of good farming land needed.
            Sharing these experiences with your child can help educate them, and educate the future, thus giving a more, vibrant future for our next generations to hold onto. Thats why at Canna Carers We encourage you to learn growth techniques and allow for your children to recieve great education and tons of fun too. 
            Check out our Plot Rental plans and Educational Benefits that come along with it.